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Speak of the Bitcoin, CoinClarify shall appear

Our mission is to unfold your plan B through cryptocurrency and blockchain system

Above is the ambition behind the start of CoinClarify. That is, providing A-Z guide for both beginner and advanced cryptocurrency enthusiast. If you are on a hunt for passive income, then cryptocurrency can meet your need. So does, CoinClarify builds the platform for people like you to learn and get update happening in this crypto world.

All my articles will be based on detail study and research, which is intended to help you in all stages of your investment plan. At the same time, educating you about the evolving blockchain technology and continuous update on the same with a detailed review.

About Achuth G Ramesh

Hey there!


I’m Achuth G Ramesh, a corporate professional turned to blogger. I was always fascinated about traveling around the globe trying new adventurous kinds of stuff. To make that happen, I spent hours and hours browsing the internet on ways to find some passive income to fuel my dream of freelance lifestyle. That’s how I came across the digital marketing and bitcoin technology.

I remember coming across the word “bitcoin” in early 2016 and having read some articles about it then. But I presumed it as some sort of Ponzi schemes and stayed away from it. However, I continued with research and studies on digital marketing.

A few months later I witnessed increasing price of bitcoin, but this time it caught my attention. Gradually, I got interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology. And opted to do my research after office hours. That’s how I turned to a blockchain and cryptocurrency proponent.

During this period, the spike in bitcoin price resulted in the increase of scams associated with it along with other bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies. Many ill-informed fell prey to such Ponzi schemes.

By August 2017, I decided to quit my job and to start off as a digital marketer. Eventually, I shaped my first blog named CoinClarify, to use my expertise to help you guys to invest in cryptocurrency.

If you haven’t heard of bitcoin and blockchain, don’t get disappointed. You aren’t late to start. The irony is, my colleagues are still working with the same job, and haven’t heard of bitcoin yet.

So, If you are reading this. You are way ahead of them. I recommend you to begin from this guide “everything you need to know about bitcoin”