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Apple’s Steve Wozniak Thinks Ethereum To Be New Apple


  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was speaking at WeAreDevelopers tech conference in Vienna
  • Wozniak compares Ethereum with new Apple

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of multination technology company Apple, was speaking at the WeAreDevelopers tech conference in Vienna. He spoke just after the opening ceremony of the conference. His fireside chat lasted for 45 min, which was conducted in the main stage, it was live streamed to all other rooms in the conference.

Since he was assigned the task of introducing the general innovation in the conference, he majorly addressed the financial technology which included deliberate praising of bitcoin and its underlying technology of blockchain.

In the interview, Wozniak compared Bitcoin with digital gold. While presenter mentioned ethereum more like a commodity, gas, oil where you can actually do stuff sort of thing.

“Well, it’s a platform”, Wozniak interrupted. Further adding, he said,

“When we started Apple, our Apple 2 computer was a platform.

Here’s all the documentation, open source, you can see how you develop parts, look at the examples we have done. How to develop software, how to modify the software in here.

It was a platform for others, so thousands of companies started up. Sometimes high school kids started their own company, and then they’d put up little ads in little electronic journals, ads for my product, for the Apple 2.

Everybody in the world was advertising for us and we didn’t have to

. So platforms are how the world can grow by opening up to millions of other smart people.

The product that changed my life the most from Apple isn’t the iPhone, it’s the App Store. The apps that are in the app store. Third party apps developed by all the people with all the ideas all over the place. And that’s an example of a platform.”

“So, ethereum is the new Apple, no?” – the presenter asks.  “Ethereum, ethereum might actually gone… recommend.” – Wozniak says, whereas he seemed to agree with it.

He further says how many of the things which are tried now in blockchain are ahead of their time.

Wozniak mentions the time in the 90s, where there were all these ideas of getting videos, pictures into the internet, then in the late 90s, and early 2000s boom and bust. Those ideas turned into reality, and now we take them for granted, he says. But it took a decade so the same applies for blockchain.

In addition, Wozniak mentions he doesn’t invest. He has one btc and two eth, which he primarily use to try new things and experiment, rather than considering it as an investment.

From his speech in the conference, we can also learn that he bought that ethereum quite early on, which we can assume to be perhaps in 2016, thus suggesting one of the geeks in the technology, and role model of this entire generation trusted in the ethereum, the platform.



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