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What You Can Expect From Bitcoin Cash’s Next Fork?


Last year, Bitcoin Cash was launched to support the demand for those who wanted to increase block size by 8 MB and to remove SegWit code from the blockchain.

Fork of Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin network was a courageous move from those who wished for a software upgrade.

Since after the announcement of a fork of the present Bitcoin Cash, in November, came up with many new features that helped network in different ways.


Moreover, Many people find it more helpful than Bitcoin.

As it had larger block size, it included many numbers of transactions. Possibly, this change could increase block size of Bitcoin Cash from 8 MB to 32 MB, comprising more transactions in single block.

All these way, Bitcoin Cash’s developers failed to consider Bitcoin’s developers advise on increasing block size and fast cryptocurrency development. It was of concern from Bitcoin supporters that such aggressive approach to Bitcoin’s limitation could make $157 billion network vulnerable.


With all these saying, another region where upcoming Bitcoin cash hard fork is expecting expand is through increase of “OP_RETURN field,” where users can be accessible to store up to 80-220 bytes.

Upgraded version of BCH backs smart contracts

Bitcoin Cash not only comes up with new features but also regenerated some old characteristics which Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto himself removed from protocol – Smart contract

It had an added functionality to transfer Bitcoin cash tokens between users.

Bitcoin developer, Satoshi Nakamoto had deactivated smart contract feature after he realized its vulnerability to attack, but bitcoin cash developer assures to avoid any such miscalculation.

I believe this step to enable smart contracts with a protocol for BCH will make it competitive with ethereum in future.

Complains about Bitcoin Cash

Many of the users are bothered about the governance of the bitcoin cash. Because none of the changes in the coding of the BCH is informed or discussed to any group.

As per many expectations, before making any improvisation in coding it should have been analyzed with different groups. Since no such process took place. Eventually, it was a disappointment because it reflected how developers and miners prioritize opinion about users.

All software implementations of Bitcoin Cash will be implemented with bitcoinABC, bitcoin classic and bitcoin unlimited. No objection has been received from any wallets, exchanges, miners, node or other services, which are also willing to upgrade themselves with the upcoming code change.


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