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BPAC reinvesting entire profit back to EOS blockchain

BIP174 – Bitcoin Proposal Improvement May Accelerate Offline BTC Transaction

Addition of Bitcoin Proposal Improvement 174 to Bitcoin’s official repository will possibly support the acceptance of the famous “Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT)” in the future. If this proposal gets acceptance, it will eventually allow users to perform transactions offline without sending transactions directly to the bitcoin network. Programmers are now involved in setting up […]

BlackRock creates cryptocurrency work group

Bitcoin assembles after BlackRock forms new Cryptocurrency Group

Bitcoin market has gained some acceleration after the recent announcement from BlackRock to establish cryptocurrency group. People involving around Bitcoin market have rallied back to life, as New York-based investment management giant declares about its working group focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain, underpinning technology of the market. This news is significant to the cryptocurrency world […]

Mt. Gox Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings

Mt. Gox holds the title for being the victim of biggest con in the crypto world. The court hearing on its civil rehab proceeding attracted eyes of every cryptocurrency investors. After the petition by the creditors of Mt. Gox for the commencement of the civil rehabilitation proceeding, Tokyo District Court issued a hearing with the commencement […]

Chynge To Launch Blockchain-Based Remittance Service

Chynge, a Singapore based start-up company is aiming to provide remittance services in the remote part of the world. They have a team of 15 members and one remittance agent each in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia are trying to provide an easy, fee-less and secure cross-border transaction. Their core strength lies on distributed ledger system […]

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Ripple Donates $50 Million For Blockchain Research

Ripple announces to contribute $50 million as a donation to boost institution and universities to carry out research in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This is in relation to their effort to collaborate with R&D to accelerate “innovation and understanding” revolving around blockchain technology. As we know, there is no future without blockchain, so […]

ZenCash Suffers 51% Attack

ZenCash suffered 51% attack on 2nd June. The hacker tried to attack the blockchain with double spending, ie hacker tried to manipulate blockchain to double the number of transactions. The hack was informed by mining pool developer, which prepared exchanges to secure their platform. ZenCash Suffered 51%  Attack According to the official statement,  ZenCash was […]

CryptoPanic – Everything You Need To Know

[vc_row][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1528097051122{background-color: #ffffff !important;}”][vc_column_text css_animation=”bounceIn”]If you are a trader in this much hype and FUD spread cryptoland, then you must be knowing how difficult it is to get a genuine piece of review and news updates on time. Moreover, it gets tiresome to get all updates and top news at a go. For the same […]

US Democratic Congressional Candidate Accepts Donations In Bitcoin

Brian Forde, US Democratic congressional candidate was accused of accepting donations in Bitcoin (BTC) for his campaign, VICE reported Tuesday, May 22. Forde is a blockchain expert and businessman. He was also White House senior advisor in Science and technology during Obama administration. He is also now running a candidate for the Democratic nomination of congressional elections in […]