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Blockchain hack summit

Opening Day Of Blockchain Hack.Summit By Hack VC

Much awaited blockchain Hack.Summit among blockchain community witnessed participation of software developers and blockchain enthusiasts across 157 countries, resulting in the world’s largest blockchain summit. Hack VC, the venture capital firm behind the summit conducts this virtual conference every 2 years since 2014. They have been successful in organizing a virtual conference for developers in […]

Blockchain impact on health industry

Future Blockchain Impact on HealthCare

Everytime you read an article on bitcoin, you must have come across blockchain technology. And importantly, you must have wondered what magic bitcoin is going to bring to our future economy. This article will tell you how this wizard blockchain is going to take care of your health in coming days. But you know what, […]

First Philippine Bank To Implement Ethereum With ConsenSys

UnionBank, Philippines biggest bank to comes in association with US-based blockchain software technology company ConsenSys to assist the local financial institution to integrate with Ethereum and blockchain-based technology. This is how banking institutions in the Philippines are trying to modernize their financial sector, that way increasing its chances of mass adoption. Remittance-Centered Industry The Philippines […]

Bitcoin Mining Firm Trolls Warren Buffet With Bitcoin Billboards Outside His Office

Bitcoin mining company, Genesis Mining, claims to have installed billboard trolling Warren Buffet. Buffet compared bitcoin to ‘rat poison squared’ earlier this month. This troll was in part of bitcoin advocacy campaign led by the mining company. A cryptocurrency mining company, Genesis Mining has launched a bitcoin advocacy campaign supporting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and spreading […]