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Blockchain impact on health industry

Future Blockchain Impact on HealthCare

Everytime you read an article on bitcoin, you must have come across blockchain technology. And importantly, you must have wondered what magic bitcoin is going to bring to our future economy. This article will tell you how this wizard blockchain is going to take care of your health in coming days. But you know what, […]

CTI Teaches Coding To Afghan Women To Earn Bounties

Code to Inspire (CTI) teaches coding to Afghanistan women. Women being paid in Eth for solving issues with different projects.   Code to Inspire, non- profit organization for educating women, has partnered with the Bounties Network to accept Ethereum as a reward for women doing coding solving vulnerabilities of different internet projects. Fereshteh Forough, the […]

South Korea’s biggest Exchange, UPbit raided

    South Korea’s exchange, UPbit raided by authorities Executives suspected of embezzlement   Kakkao, biggest messaging app developer backed, UPbit, has grown itself to a known exchange of South Korea. In a short period, it has grown to handle $2 billion trading volume. Earlier today, the exchange was raided by authorities with the suspicion of […]