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Centrality-Amazon Partnership – Price Increases By 60% in 24 Hours


  • Centrality and Amazon Web Services partners
  • Price of Centrality experiences 60% rise within 24 hour

Today Centrality tweeted about its partnership with Amazon Web Service, officially confirming collaboration with the giant cloud computing service provider. New Zealand based Centrality focuses to support expanding innovators by providing a marketplace of applications.

Following the news of association, CENNZ which started off its day with a value of $0.10 observed a rise in price at around 09:00 GMT, leading to about $0.18 at 16:30, resulting into a hike of 80%.

In fact, the market cap of $84 m experienced a surge of $60m over the entire day and in the past hour coin’s total price slipped back to $133m.

Centrality helps in the development of the project aiding them with necessary development kits (SDKs) for improving applications and software, in addition to that they will provide basic assistance for Ethereum-platform compatibility along with required infrastructural support for P2P transactions.

According to experts, Centrality was a threat to its competitor like AWS adding decentralized features in the market. As AWS also provided similar assistance with APIs and company resources. On the flip side, today’s news confirmed that giant corporations are extending a hand to partner with blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

Another symbolic take over of GitHub by Microsoft was one such shocking news to entire blockchain community.

Previously, there was a rumor of Amazon to accept ripple as their payment method.

However, there hasn’t been any detailed announcement on the collaboration yet. In connection with usability of the CNNZ token, it can be used for the buying/selling of modules, rewarding loyal customers and referrals.

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