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Change Wallet Launches Commission-Free Bitcoin Transactions


A range of new products and services are being introduced in the cryptocurrency market accelerating bitcoin adoption rate. One such new mobile app is introduced with zero Bitcoin trading transaction fee – Change Wallet.

Change, Estonia-based and Singapore financed company, has announced the launch of a new mobile wallet app – Change Wallet – that will allow its users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. This wallet is intended to facilitate crypto transactions and payment, in addition to a series of other financial services.

According to its press release dated July 18th, 2018 – no transaction fees will be charged for any transactions through Change Wallet.


Change Wallet is now available for users from European Economic Area with iOS and Android operating systems.

Kristjan Kangro, CEO of Change, joins with the experts’ statement on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies usage by masses in everyday life for paying goods and services.

Change Wallet charges zero fees for transaction fee and withdrawing fee. Other market competitors like Coinbase and eToro charges  1.49% and 5% respectively in terms of both crypto purchase fee and trading fee.

In Comparison To Traditional Banks

Change Wallet supports major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tether. Along with that, the wallet also allows buying and conversion of any of your crypto with fiat currencies like Euros and US dollar.

From the whitepaper of Change, we can understand that this new service using mobile app can solve major issues which are untouched by traditional banks.

For example, users can handle any transaction through their mobile app avoiding the hassle of visiting a bank.

It can also provide financial services to people who are living in remote places or deprived of financial inclusion.

One of Change Wallet’s supporters, Roger Crook, former CEO of DHL Global Forwarding, says:

I’m backing this project because I think it’s got an extremely great future, and I see that Change is going to have challenges going forward. I have no doubt that this business is going to thrive and grow globally over the coming years.

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