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Coinance Launches Portfolio Management For Android and iOS


  • Official launch of Coinance for Android and iOS

Coinance co-founder Mathias J. Klenk, officially announces its launch for Android and iOS users. These will enable users to effectively manage their portfolio, track cryptocurrency market, read crypto space news and stay up to date on new devices and tools.

More importantly, it comes with the feature to manage different wallets on a single platform. The users will now be able to connect Binance, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and GDAX wallet. On this, Mathias even assured to bridge with other exchanges including Bitstamp, Bittrex, and Gemini over the next few weeks.

Coinance is a cryptocurrency tracking allrounder that is intended to provide crypto tracker,  brief cryptocurrency charts, cryptocurrency news and price alerts. It is mainly focused on to make a smart and easy investment.

A few weeks back they had launched the same feature for iPad users.

Coinance – Crypto Tracker App

In the volatile world of cryptocurrency, there is no slow process of rising or falling of price. A crypto coin that is of low value can be the 10x more valuable by next month and vice-versa.

This is the reason why portfolio tracking featured app like Coinance is of high importance for any crypto investors.

About Coinance

Coinance is a crypto tracking app that lets you follow and get related news about your favorite cryptocurrency.

It’s co-founder idea to venture in this space was inspired from their competitor and market leader According to them, they were dumbstruck to notice that it secured 185th globally visited website, which included nothing but categorically arranged coins by market capitalization with current prices development.

However, Coinance is based on the same fundamental but with better user experience and design than

Coinance Features

  • Crypto charts
  • Connecting all your exchanges
  • Crypto news tracker
  • Price alerts
  • Portfolio view
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