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CryptoPanic – Everything You Need To Know


If you are a trader in this much hype and FUD spread cryptoland, then you must be knowing how difficult it is to get a genuine piece of review and news updates on time. Moreover, it gets tiresome to get all updates and top news at a go. For the same reason, I always recommend to use a news aggregator, that will allow you to keep an eye on the ups and downs of the market.

Being a crypto enthusiast, I’m a persistent user of news collector since its nearly impossible to have a watch on all relevant groups and news channel, in addition, it is equally important to collect news from a trustable source.

I have used different news aggregator so far. From the last couple of months, I have been using CryptoPanic for the same. And it has proved to be a simple and user-friendly for any level of crypto people irrespective of how tech savvy they are.

While trading it is of utmost importance to buy and sell at right time of the market. However, getting a timely alert on trending news becomes a challenge. Mostly, these news gets too often and filled with irrelevant and FUD updates.

If you have also experienced this sort of trouble in your trades, then this article about Cryptopanic will definitely help you. I will walk you through different features available and how to use it to your maximum benefit.

About CryptoPanic

For all those who are new to crypto space and eager to invest in the right asset. One major mistake, which most of the beginners do is that they anticipate having gained needed knowledge prior investing. To correct them from the very beginning, CryptoPanic can be a lifesaver.

Because this platform with easy browsing can help them to understand which factor has a major impact on the market and how deep that impacts get in, with a periodic study on it. And CryptoPanic turns to be a guiding book for this study, with all important question being answered.

CryptoPanic collects news from big trustable source and acts as first hand to serve this updates as it gets published. As far as beginners concern, they can collect news and market trend around a particular crypto within a time duration of 1 day to 1 year and above.

As we discussed earlier, coming across fake news and scams are the primary issue in this world of crypto, to minimize such occurrence, CryptoPanic ensures to gather news from trustable sources. Moreover, you can manage the sources you wish to collect news, depending upon which source you want for each token.

Believe it or not, but you can find 360-degree discussion about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in different subreddits. Since Reddit is preferred forum by ace players, contributing to the valuable discussion in the respective subreddits. In addition, Twitter is another such forum for the market influencer. However, Apart from including news from a relevant channel, it also facilitates to compile announcement and market leveraging tips in from these platforms.

Ever missed out profitable sells?

You won’t if you had alert message popping up on your device.

One thing which I already trust in CryptoPanic is about their timely alerts. However, I needless to mention that in this 2 months, I was thoroughly notified about trending news and price alerts of my token added in my portfolio.

You can add favorable cryptos to your portfolio, and they will provide you with all the information associated with it. One unique feature added here is the visibility of your portfolio is available in three forms

1- Private

2-  Publish only allocations in %

3- Completely public

If you ask me, what I love the most about CryptoPanic?

Without any doubt, I can point out its unique and simplified style of news aggregation, projecting at most information in a single page.

It breaks down news into different categories allowing us to browse various articles based on our demand. Primarily, news are sorted into Top news, All news, News sites, Following and Categories.

Top news –  Collects news of high importance in the market, this is mainly listed on the basis of our voting (will explain it in short time)

News sites – Categories which accumulates information published in news sites, including announcements, bounty, ICO related news and all.

Following – After creating a profile, you can save interested cryptocurrencies in your profile. This division shows all related news which are tagged with your crypto.

Categories – This divides further into four division – Price analysis, Regulation, ICO news and Events.

The appearance of publication time alongside of news makes it appealing. Another interesting feature is the voting option available with us to mark a news as Hot, Bearish, Bullish, Rising, Important, Lol and Saved news.

Pro Version

CryptoPanic Pro is available with $9 monthly or $99 for 1 year. Pro members are availed with extra features and benefits –

  • Configure instant alerts for currencies of high interest and receive news email immediately in your email or get notified in mobile.
  • Change source – Custom RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit and Twitter sources.
  • Disable/enable any existing news sources.
  • Metadata fields availability in API.
  • A PRO  badge that appears near username and on your profile showing your support for CryptoPanic.


Lastly, I feel this could significantly assist beginners and intermediate crypto enthusiast to better understand the market. And I really look forward expecting it to launch such handy, trustable and advanced tool in simple form in coming days.

That is all from this introductory article on CryptoPanic. I will soon be back with new cryptocurrency product round-up.

Untill then, stay tuned, keep enjoying the bitcoin revolution with CoinClarify.

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