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CTI Teaches Coding To Afghan Women To Earn Bounties


  • Code to Inspire (CTI) teaches coding to Afghanistan women.
  • Women being paid in Eth for solving issues with different projects.


Code to Inspire, non- profit organization for educating women, has partnered with the Bounties Network to accept Ethereum as a reward for women doing coding solving vulnerabilities of different internet projects. Fereshteh Forough, the founder of Code to Inspire, said to Coindesk that women have started to earn ethereum from their work.

She added, after the set up of MetaMask account and software wallets, they have started to earn $10-$80 for each bounty depending on the difficulty level of each task.

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This is not the first attempt from Forough, in 2014, she had tried to help Afghan women earning bitcoin through blogging, but one major challenge they faced was the lack of local crypto exchange. This limits their access to get fiat currency in exchange for bitcoin.

Forough believes that getting exposure to digital literacy to these women, mostly living in places deprived of financial services like banks can be a huge boost. She adds, blockchain technology can impact daily life trouble motivating them to create internet product that could even tackle, maybe, their local problem.

Apart from technology-related assignments, Bounty networks also offer other jobs like translation and other projects on site, plus, their involvement with ethereum community as learn to code.

Plus, this collaboration has launched MetaMask course for these CTI students. Even planning to create an online store forming a platform to buy/sell their product and services which they develop during their studies with CTI and ethereum community.

Existing Problem

  • Lack of trust in financial services – Afghans don’t trust financial institutions like exchanges, mobile apps or banks, instead, they prefer to depend on sarafis, who deals with multiple fiat currencies used for the cross-border transaction.
  • No circular economy – This is one of the real-time problems around the world in the adoption of cryptocurrency. That is, women earning in ethereum cannot get fiat currency in exchange, unlike Venezuela, where crypto enthusiast can buy any product like rice, oil, and daily essentials.


According to Forough, the partnership of CTI with Bounty networks will be fruitful for their women students on their path to financial independence. Despite, of the provided education facility for Afghanistan women in Herat, headquarters of CTI, women are not able to attend because of their parents’ unwillingness to let them travel alone. Presently, CTI is providing employment opportunities, online work or even chance to teach other fellow colleagues.

Although it may be seemingly complicated, but they prefer to believe that broader prospect of blockchain will overlook war zoned, Afghanistan, leading to financial scalability and global exposure.

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