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ICON Partners With Qtum Blockchain Native In Prediction Market


  • ICX partners with Bodhi Foundation for better prediction
  • Bodhi’s prediction market will expand to ICX large community
  • Collaboration is expected to increase acceptance from DApps

These days we come across any number of partnership in this crypto space. Because of the increasing number of platforms in the blockchain, we can notice competition in the market reaching the peak. In such scenario – “Partnership” is proving to be a success mantra for many to improve its scalability.

The partnership of ICON and Bodhi Foundation, a prediction platform which is completely native to Qtum blockchain. This association was confirmed through medium blog of ICX, with the belief that both teams will work together to expand each other.

Benefits Of This Partnership

This partnership of Bodhi and ICON will enable prediction platform to interconnect with other blockchains of ICON network. On the other hand, this will help ICON to establish a strong base in China along with the possibilities to expand partnership with DApps from other platforms.

ICON blockchain is backed by fast-growing infrastructure in addition to its membership in ‘Blockchain Interoperability Alliance’. Fortunately, this facilitates Bodhi users to transfer value in a very short period. A major advantage for Bodhi from this partnership will be increasing speed of confirmation and lower transaction fees.

Once this collaboration is active we can witness Bodhi’s prediction market being open to ICON global community, improving its algorithm for better predictions. ICON promises to successfully deploy Bodhi’s decentralized applications within its ICON’s blockchain platform with required technical assistance.

ICON is aiming to expand its diversity by involving Bodhi’s prediction features which is considered as the first live predication market on a mainnet with active users utilizing its product.

Xiahong Lin, founder of Bodhi prediction market claims that technological advancement, wide user base, and healthy ecosystem will help Bodhi, although it is native to Qtum blockchain. He believes each of the protocol has its own advanced features, so its important for Bodhi to step into each of them. Utilizing the user base of ICON blockchain will help Bodhi to make better prediction influencing Korean users.

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