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Monero (XMR) Announces Its New Update – Monerujo ‘Maximum Nacho’


Monerujo is an open-source Android wallet for Monero. It doesn’t connect directly to the blockchain but they allow their users to access blockchain through their own existing nodes. With the newly added XMR. to service, feature it can directly transfer Monero to any bitcoin address with its app.

Monero has been in many controversies in the past, the recent one with unauthorized mining disputation. Despite, this increasing controversy, popular privacy coin- Monero – accelerated its growth with the adaptation to new feature with the tag of ‘Maximum Nacho’. The team involved made this update keeping in mind bugs and faults of previous one, it is updated to version 1.5.9 of Monerujo.

Changes from the previous production version

  • monero-core v0.12.2.0
  • Accounts
  • One-time Subaccounts for “Receive”
  • Sweep function [touch the infinity sign when selecting amount]
  • Remove selectable Ringsize => always use default
  • for 32 fiat exchange rates [instead of kraken]
  • Some fingerprint compatibility fixes
  • Portuguese translation

While many users still prefer not to transfer their entire XMR into a mobile wallet like Monerujo overruling cold storage. However, users find it unnecessary to carry more than 1 XMR in the mobile wallet in comparison to fiat currency, which is much more needed in the moment use.

Recently, Japanese police filed charges against accused of installing XMR mining program into users system without consent, this mining program is ‘Coinhive’. This is a JavaScript miner for Monero blockchain, it can be rooted into any web page. And once a user gets into this website it will run in user’s browser, mining Monero.

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