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Amazon-Centrality partnership

Centrality-Amazon Partnership – Price Increases By 60% in 24 Hours

Centrality and Amazon Web Services partners Price of Centrality experiences 60% rise within 24 hour Today Centrality tweeted about its partnership with Amazon Web Service, officially confirming collaboration with the giant cloud computing service provider. New Zealand based Centrality focuses to support expanding innovators by providing a marketplace of applications. Following the news of association, CENNZ […]

After Effects Of Bithumb Hack

South Korean authorities to fasten implementation of a strict regulation Bithumb to reimburse all the stolen fund Bitcoin seems to be in corrective rally nearing $7000 With the current US/China trade dispute, bitcoin market was recovering from Coinrail hack which happened early this month. But this gradual momentum in the market was disrupted with today’s news […]

Blockchain impact on health industry

Future Blockchain Impact on HealthCare

Everytime you read an article on bitcoin, you must have come across blockchain technology. And importantly, you must have wondered what magic bitcoin is going to bring to our future economy. This article will tell you how this wizard blockchain is going to take care of your health in coming days. But you know what, […]

CTI Teaches Coding To Afghan Women To Earn Bounties

Code to Inspire (CTI) teaches coding to Afghanistan women. Women being paid in Eth for solving issues with different projects.   Code to Inspire, non- profit organization for educating women, has partnered with the Bounties Network to accept Ethereum as a reward for women doing coding solving vulnerabilities of different internet projects. Fereshteh Forough, the […]

Chynge To Launch Blockchain-Based Remittance Service

Chynge, a Singapore based start-up company is aiming to provide remittance services in the remote part of the world. They have a team of 15 members and one remittance agent each in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia are trying to provide an easy, fee-less and secure cross-border transaction. Their core strength lies on distributed ledger system […]

Ripple’s Successful Implementation Of xRapid Platform To Ecommerce Sector

Earlier Coinclarify had published an article mentioning the rumor of Amazon accepting Ripple as a payment method. However, a recent announcement from Currencies Direct, a UK currency conversion company, supports this gossip with the fact that they have successfully trialed implementing xRapid platform. To get ahead in the market, Currencies Direct is trying to reduce fees in […]

Change Wallet

Ripple Donates $50 Million For Blockchain Research

Ripple announces to contribute $50 million as a donation to boost institution and universities to carry out research in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This is in relation to their effort to collaborate with R&D to accelerate “innovation and understanding” revolving around blockchain technology. As we know, there is no future without blockchain, so […]

ZenCash Suffers 51% Attack

ZenCash suffered 51% attack on 2nd June. The hacker tried to attack the blockchain with double spending, ie hacker tried to manipulate blockchain to double the number of transactions. The hack was informed by mining pool developer, which prepared exchanges to secure their platform. ZenCash Suffered 51%  Attack According to the official statement,  ZenCash was […]