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Ripple [XRP] Comes With Series Of Good News And Adoption


Kuwait Finance House, biggest Islamic lender of Kuwait to join RippleNet. KFH aims to lower the processing fee in the transaction with the instant cross-border payment to enhance the banking experience for its customers. XRP is majorly gaining popularity for the same reason, where it allows the transaction to happen in just click of a button. On the other side, currencies involving Bitcoin and other cryptos have a downside to it.


Other Good News In The Bucket

This comes next to the Ripple’s high publicity in the NBC’s Ellen DeGeneres show when actor Ashton Kutcher donates $4 million in XRP to Ellen Wildlife fund for Gorillas in Rwanda. It was Ellen who did the transaction and received the donation in a couple of seconds in the show.

This was in series with the high profile announcements and adoption of the XRP in the market. Soon after, the global real estate company, Propy announced the acceptance of Ripple as one of its payment method to buy and sell homes was an add on the Ripple foundation.

Meanwhile, digital payment platform Uphold announcement of its association with XRP, this allowed its user to buy/sell Ripple in exchange to USD. Involving this new crypto into the bag permits Uphold to become more scalable and demanding in the current scenario.

It is needless to say, mobile banking app Revolut finally completed its implementation of XRP, providing a bandwidth of 2 million people for XRP usage.

In addition,  XRP stands a chance with TapJets, one of the best online private jet charter company to accept Ripple as one of its payment modes.

Further involving the discussion was from the social trading network and multi-asset brokerage eToro on its study of clientele, revealing that Ripple is one of the most popular assets in the platform.

Finally and most exciting one is its rumor to get acceptance from Amazon as its payment method at end of the year. This is shill comes from the Ripple’s conference where it uses Amazon and Uber as an example to get benefit from xVIA ripple.

Read more on this here. Amazon-Ripple partnership!

Ripple publicity in Ellen DeGeneres Show

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