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TRON [TRX] Price Comes Under Apple Stock Listings


Justin Sun, Founder of TRON posted on Twitter this morning announcing Apple’s support to TRON Foundation by listing TRX pricing in their stock network.

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, immensely praised bitcoin and it’s underlying technology blockchain while he was speaking at WeAreDevelopers Conference in Vienna. He spoke at the conference for around 45 minutes with mostly talking about financial technology. In his interview, he compared Ethereum to Apple, which according to him has a great future ahead as it behaves as a platform just like Apple did years ago.

Apple’s Steve Wozniak Thinks Ethereum To Be New Apple

In addition to this, there is an underlying factor which mentions TRON is a part of Ethereum platform and functions based on ERC 20 standards. But TRX users are preparing themselves to migrate to an exchange which will support this upgrade.

Since TRX will split off from Ethereum blockchain forming its own Mainnet by May 31st. This is a high time for the TRX foundation to win the support in the market. This Tweet from its co-founder holds a chance to do that.http:/

Did Justin Sun Exaggerated The Listing?

Albert Kim, a TRON enthusiast replied to his tweet saying:

Lmao. You’re such a douchbag. An app available on the Apple App Store added TRX-USD pair to track. Apple has nothing to do with this. Stop trying to trick your bag holders. They are dumb as fuck so this is probably gonna work.

Vincent, another Twitter user commented:

“The more you hype, the more I feel this coin is going to 0 after mainnet. @justinsuntron”

What do you think, should this post be downplayed? Is Justin nervous of the TRX Mainnet launch?

Apple’s Steve Wozniak Thinks Ethereum To Be New Apple

TRON Mainnet Launch – How To Prepare Yourself

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