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TRON [TRX] Resilient Prior MainNet Launch


With TRON preparing for its mainnet launch in a couple of days, it is breaking the heart of all those holders who were expecting a pump from it as it nears to its own blockchain. Even when many experts have expressed negative approach towards their project and future, needless to say, it has shown that no FUD or downplay can harm it.

As a Reddit user TrueMrSkeltal would comment on the coin: “Sadly this is a better way to make money right now than investing in real projects.”

While the market falling above $300 billion and bitcoin sliding down to $7000, TRX has remained resistant to this market so far and even managed to break its bar above 1000 satoshi a few days ago. It has since been swinging below this number, clearly indicating its capability to be resilient in this bear market scenario.

This incredible resilience in this existing market circumstances can be attributed to the fact that TRX mainnet are about to be launched in a couple of days. The MainNet will be in testing phase from 1st to 24th June till then TRX transaction will be suspended. And finally, withdrawals involving TRX will be resumed from 26th June.

Get more details about TRX mainnet launch here

Isaac Walls, a Bitcoin investor from Albany says,

“Tron has arrived folks, the UTorrent bitorrent partnership and Mainnet launch is just what us Tronics were looking for. Justin is not a kid anymore, stop treating him like one; he has delivered time and again. We are hitting 20 cents again and work all the way up to a dollar.”

Ranjan Kumar, a blockchain developer from Delhi says,

“What are these fools up to? It gets added to Apple’s ticker the entire TRON world goes berserk. If Justin gets underwear with Tron written on it then it will be news. Peeps, please look at the price, we are not even touching 8 cents. Stop fooling yourself, if a pump should have happened it should have happened now. So long losers, wait for 30th night when they take a dump on you.

TheCryptoGuy from Reddit adds

“Im Hodlin for them airdrops. It’ll likely dump still as majority of people I’ve talked to don’t even know there are a bunch of airdrops (coming up) at launch.”

This airdrops in question come after the TRX co-founder Justin Sun posted on tweet, for the time being this comes as a reasonable point to hodl TRX through the mainnet launch.

http://“Im Hodlin for them airdrops. It’ll likely dump still as majority of people I’ve talked to don’t even know there are a bunch of airdrops (coming up) at launch.”

Further adding this is the recent interesting announcement about TRX partnership with vSports, with its promoter being Wesley Sneijder, the famous Dutch footballer. Eventually, with approaching World Cup, this football related platform can prove to be a massive publicity platform for TRON.

In relation to this Reddit user drstrangerub says,

Not to my knowledge, no. Hydro nor vsport have 100 million members. It’d have to be significant (since 100 million members means one entity is larger than all the current partners combined.)

People are suspecting it’s Bitorrent. All we know for sure is Justin announced it on his SR stream, but hasn’t said anything yet. Given the fact he lied about the Tron airdrop, I wouldn’t put it past him to consider the vsport partnership the 100 million user one on the basis that “100 million people worldwide watch soccer!?!!!1” Let’s hope not. I had more trust in the project than that.

Another positive news which gathers around is ADDEX, a decentralized exchange, which decides to move DEX volume to TRX, currently being traded via Ethereum. Adding to this is the joining of former IBM technical engineer, Taihao Fu, including of technical giants into team promises competitive projects in future.


All of this above news indicates very bullish signs for the token and if nothing happens, we must appreciate marketing skill that Justin Sun possess. Many people had expected a pump by now, but that didn’t happen yet, mostly due to the bearish sentiment rolling around.

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