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US Democratic Congressional Candidate Accepts Donations In Bitcoin


Brian Forde, US Democratic congressional candidate was accused of accepting donations in Bitcoin (BTC) for his campaign, VICE reported Tuesday, May 22.

Forde is a blockchain expert and businessman. He was also White House senior advisor in Science and technology during Obama administration. He is also now running a candidate for the Democratic nomination of congressional elections in California.

His rival Dave Min, who accused him of accepting illicit donations through BTC, circulated an advertisement against Forde’s campaign. He said that donations funded by people who are against prevention of human trafficking and promotion of drug deals. In response to this allegations, Forde said that

My supporters didn’t HODL, but they made donations to my campaign in Bitcoin[BTC] is because they have faith in the technology. The comments accusing my supporters are completely inaccurate, sensationalist and it is due to my opponent’s lack of understanding of the technology. My supporters wouldn’t have donated to the campaign if they were just trying to speculate.

He added:

While my opponent’s advertisement is trying to disparage a technology, what he doesn’t understand is that the United Nation is using is it to fight human trafficking worldwide and we need more rational technologists and scientists who can make policies based on evidence rather than politicians who making irrational decisions based on their emotions

Forde, who formerly advised Obama’s administration on crypto and headed MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative. His actions seem to have impressed crypto enthusiasts, that’s why he has gained support from cryptocurrency giants like Winklevoss brothers and Mike Novogratz.

The US Federal Election Commission treats bitcoin donations as in-kind donations which allow candidates to transfer that amount to their official campaign funds. The FEC has allowed acceptance of bitcoin as donations provided donors identify themselves.


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