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Verge (XVG) Aims To Go High With New Adoptions


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Verge was able to catch eyes in the market along with competing cryptocurrencies like Tron, EOS, Cardano etc. These altcoins were highlighted with the launch of their own mainnet, whereas Verge was spotted for its partnership with Pornhub. Acceptance of Verge as a payment method with this adult industry giant established it as an anonymity-focused cryptocurrency.

Pornhub, Canada based adult platform owned by MindGeek, comprising of world’s largest adult entertainment network with 15 adult sites partnering with Verge made entire industry stunned. Opting for XVG over other popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero puzzled everyone.

VERGE Updations

But after this partnership, we witnessed high efforts from the Verge team with the implementation of their new ideas into upcoming projects.

To stay in the race, the team had announced refinement in their roadmap with added objectives of scalability. They have started to partner with top business firms with increasing reliance from small-scale industries as well.

In this roadmap, they announced the launch of XVG core wallet 4.0, with its Tor Integration & Optional Stealth Addressing. In addition, they worked on their website making it more friendly for the mobile user. They also commit to regularly update their official blog for assistance along with new official members list.

In the series of upcoming projects, most awaited ones are Verge Merchandise Online Store containing XVG branded apparel which is nearly 90% complete. On the same note, Official Mining Pool, XVGui Miner for Windows and Mining Guide are 75 percent complete.

Ring Confidential Transactions

Integrating Verge with RingCT will enable advanced masking to the transaction. This improved feature adds privacy to the transacted amount, source of origin and destination accounts. Ring Confidential transactions integrate an improved version of ring signatures, which is even part of private coins like Monero. Verge is nearly 35% closer to implementing RingCT to its system.

RSK Smart Contract

RSK Smart Contract speeds up transaction completing 300 transactions per second with confirmation in less than 20 seconds. This RSK smart contract will add turing complete virtual machine to Verge. The team is 25% complete with RSK smart contract.

I2P Android Wallet

Verge is about to unveil its Android wallet with the anonymous mobile transaction with I2P network. The I2P network can be proved as more reliable, privacy-protected medium for mobile transactions. It generates increased protection to privacy risk anonymously.

What do you need to think?

All this development and progression comes into the bucket of Verge with the partnership of Pornhub. However, acceptance by adult industry gives XVG great leap over its competitors. The reason behind the adoption of XVG over other trustable and established coins is still unclear. Verge was attacked by hackers stealing nearly $1.7 billion. If anonymity and privacy were the criteria for opting XVG, then Monero, Zcash, and Dash should’ve been top of priority with a better track record, developers and team in comparison to lower userbase of XVG.

In addition to Verge, Pornhub is adding Tron and ZenCash to its list. All three are less than a year old with a small userbase. This makes it quite clear that they are ready to accept and integrate cryptocurrencies that are willing to pay.

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